What to Wear to Family Photos?

Family photographs are so important. They document special memories that you share with your loved ones. In essence, they serve to be a visual keepsake of your lovely moments as a growing family that you can cherish forever. Looking back at these pictures always feels so comforting and nostalgic.

However, one of the most common questions regarding these sessions is what to wear to family photos. Often people are so confused about the attire. If you are thinking about the perfect outfit for these sessions – or how to feel confident in family photos, this blog post is for you. I have compiled my best tips and suggestions to make you slay and enjoy your photography session!

Be authentic

I am a huge fan of living in the present moment and capturing authenticity, and I always suggest that people wear whatever they feel comfortable in! What to wear to family photos? It is simple – wear clothes that best highlight who you ARE. The ones that give a sneak peek of who you are and how you live as a family. After 10 or maybe 20 years, when you look back at these pictures, you will remember how you lived as a family in that particular moment, and trust me, it will feel so awesome!

There is so much beauty in authenticity. Just be yourself during the photo session.  

Best colors to wear for family photos

Your favorite colors are the best colors to wear for family photos. Why? Because they symbolize your style and personality.

Your 5-year-old won’t take off her favorite pink dress? No problem. That dress is an indication of her personality and what she is into. Let her wear that during the photo session! Do you want to style that denim jacket lying in your closet with your favorite jeans? Go ahead and do that! Does your teenager want to accessorize the funky outfit with matching headphones or scarves? That’s completely fine! It’s an indication of their interests during that time and honestly, that’s something you will want to remember in the future.

Here’s what not to wear for family photos: anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

Confidence is the best thing you can wear

Parents, this one’s for you! Don’t forget to put on whatever makes you feel most confident yet comfortable. Photography reflects your emotions, so if you wear something that isn’t aligned with your personality, it will show. Let go of stress and opting for attire that simply doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t matter if your favorite is a maxi dress, an elegant piece, or a t-shirt and leggings – as long as it evokes your true beauty and character to shine, wear it!

Let your kids’ personalities shine through photographs

Photos represent a person as a whole, and our clothing choices play an important role in telling that story. Your 3-year-old wearing a paw-patrol shirt with slippers and a puppy hat tells who they are at that age. Your toddler wants to carry their favorite toy or wear the shirt representing their favorite cartoon character? That’s okay! Don’t make your kids put on something they don’t feel comfortable in. Let them own who they are.

I hope these guidelines help you decide what to wear to family photos. Confidence is the key when it comes to slaying photography sessions. So walk into your photo shoot being comfortable, yourself, and ready to preserve the memories that matter most. If you are looking for a professional photographer to capture your precious family moments, contact me. We can chat via zoom or over coffee (or tea or smoothies!)


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