Family Photos: What do you see?

Family Outside enjoying popsicles by Rochester NY Family Photographer Gabriella Hunt

Recently, I saw this meme circulating social media:

I’m sure most laughed because it’s just so relatable, right? Anyone who has had traditional family photos done has literally done/experienced each of the things listed on that list (myself included). While I had a good chuckle over it, it got me thinking. Why is this part of family photos something we just accept? 

I can honestly say the issues listed in that meme have not been my experience with any documentary session I have done (okay, some children *may* have lost their minds, but never due to the session, it was just a part of their normal, everyday. Kids tantrum amirite?). Most of the time, I have kids wondering where “their friend with a camera” went after I have left. The best part, families are free to be themselves: there is no dressing up or posing required. I just come in, hang out with your family and get beautiful photos in the process. No more stress than any other day trying to raise tiny humans. 

There is a place for all sorts of photography and they all serve different purposes. However, I believe it’s important to know your options and if your family photo sessions go down similar to the way the meme above describes, then it might be time to consider a family documentary session

Stop worrying about what to wear, if your children will behave, or how you appear to the world; be yourself and revel in the beauty that is your everyday. Your everyday is beautiful. The photos that come out of your everyday are beautiful, meaningful, and will be lasting images of what might otherwise be fleeting memories.

What a typical family documentary photo session with me is like. You do your thing and I do mine 🙂  Photo credit: Nicki Navarro


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