Life goes by quickly, it’s happening right before your eyes

Preserve it with timeless photos of your most cherished moments 

Hi! I’m Gabi. A mom & photo nerd with a soft spot for nostalgia.

Show them what it life felt like when they were little.

Capture the moment when you both met for the first time.

What Others Are Saying:

“I don’t really think either one of us realized what a gift these pictures would be. Just to have a snapshot of our messy, tired, amazing life is wonderful.”
“The entire process was great. Getting to know Gabi was great and watching my kids become super comfortable around her and be their normal, silly selves allowed her to take pictures I will treasure forever!”
“I was surprised by how fast the time went and how natural it felt to have Gabi in our home. We went on with our typical day and she just snuck in there to capture moments in time”
“Best decision of my life to hire Gabriella and document the little moments with our family. As a mom, we are so busy multi-tasking and taking care of everyone that we forget to stop and enjoy the moment. These pictures captured how truly awesome my life is!”
“I loved how natural the session was and also how effortless it was on my part and my family. It really wasn’t a big deal and it was so fun.”
“Gabriella is a wonderful photographer and captured exactly what we wanted, our family as we are—not staged.”
“The experience was like no other. The photos are real. Your family in real-time, doing real things. Amazing and Unique”
“Gabriella is a must. She is super-friendly and almost magical with a camera. She takes an everyday moment that seems so insignificant at the time and turns it into a beautiful memory with a simple click.”
“Gabi captures real life and all the moments that don’t show in a family portrait session. I wish my parents had done something like this when we were kids. It is the perfect chance to show your kids in the future what life was like when they were little.”
“A session with Gabi is so much easier than a typical family portrait session because you just go on with your life and even if you don’t think the she’ll get a ‘good’ shot, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the proofs. You will have so much more than a ‘good shot’. You will have a moment in time captured forever.”
“You won’t regret having your family captured in their natural environment”
“You will see pictures of little moments that you experience everyday, but will forget over the years. In 10 years, these pictures will be truly priceless.”
“It’s fun. You don’t need to do a thing except be your true and authentic self. Gabi makes you very comfortable and it’s an enjoyable experience all around.”

Award-Winning and Internationally Published:

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Gabriella Hunt is a storytelling photographer. Her style is a combination of documentary and photojournalistic approaches. Gabriella Hunt Photographer services the Western NY area, predominately Rochester, NY and surrounding areas.  She specializes in births, newborns, and family sessions.

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