Free Printable Easter Egg Coupons To Use At Your Next Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is coming up and with that comes egg hunts. I don’t know about you, but as a parent, the last thing I need is an influx of candy my children won’t eat or small toys that break if you look at them the wrong way. Do I usually buy those things anyways to see the excitement on their faces? Yes. Is it worth it? Also Yes. Do I still regret my life choices when I throw out the broken toys 2 days later and the uneaten candy month’s later in preparation for the next holiday? Absolutely I do.

This year, I decided to go against tradition and give my kids experience gifts for their Easter eggs in the form of printable Easter egg coupons (although I still broke down and got candy too 😉 ). I figure experience gifts would be way more fun than the cheap toys I would normally buy and they would last longer than two days. Plus, it doesn’t take up space in my house which is a total win-win.

A Free Download

Since I’m sure there are other parents out there who might want something similar, I have added the coupons here as a free printable for you to download.  The coupons have a variety of items for your child to redeem, such as free items like “Ice Cream for Dinner or camping in the backyard” to paid items like “a new App or toy from target.” I have also included a bunch of blank ones for you to fill in with your own special prizes if you so desire.

Fill out the form below to download the coupons, then print them out and put them inside your child’s eggs for them find. Once they find them all, they can redeem them at their leisure (or whatever rules you ultimately set). Happy Hunting!






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