The Difference Between Birth, Fresh 48, and In-Home, Newborn Photography

Oftentimes, I have clients ask me what the difference is between a birth photography session, a fresh 48 session, or an in-home documentary newborn session.  If you are wondering what type of photo session might be best for your family, read on to learn the differences between them.

Birth Photography

Birth photography is not about birth itself, but about your story as a whole. Families who choose birth photography want to document their baby’s entire journey into the world. They don’t want to forget the details of one of the most pivotal human experiences. Birth photography starts when you are in active labor, around 4-6cm at your place of birth. As a birth photographer, I’m on call for you from 37 weeks onward at any time of day. I capture your labor, all the moments leading up to your baby’s birth, and the “golden hour” (the two hours immediately after baby is born).


Fresh 48 Sessions

Fresh 48 photography is perfect for families who want to document the first few hours of their baby’s life, but aren’t sure if they are ready to invest in a birth photographer.  Fresh 48 photo sessions take place within the first 48 hours of your baby’s birth. They are documentary in nature (many families choose to introduce siblings and family members to baby during this time). Fresh 48 sessions take place at the hospital or your home (depending on where you delivered or when you are discharged). As a fresh 48 photographer, I am on call for you and ready to move around my schedule to ensure I photograph all the newborn baby goodness before the 48 hour window is up.


In-home Newborn Sessions

In-home, documentary newborn sessions take place on your schedule, when you feel comfortable. They take place in your home and document your life with a tiny new human (think: feeding, bath time, sibling interactions, etc.). They are documentary in nature, so no posing is required.

So that’s a quick outline of the differences between birth photography vs. fresh 48 vs. documentary newborn photography. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Want to see more examples of these types of sessions? Be sure to visit my family and birth portfolios.  I would be honored to serve you in your birth photography, fresh 48, or newborn photography needs.



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