Birth Affirmation Cards: Free Download

Set of ready-to-color birth affirmation cards on a white table

Preparing and hanging positive birth affirmation cards for your hospital room, birth center, or home birth can help you combat any negative thoughts or apprehensions you might have, provide your support people with the words of encouragement you want to hear, and help you keep a positive mindset throughout the labor and delivery process. Putting yourself in the right mindset can help set you on a path towards a positive birth experience.  

Positive thinking and affirmations has been proven to lead to positive outcomes, not only when it comes to labor and delivery, but in general. This is why I created some birth affirmation cards for you to use and enjoy. And, since coloring has been proven to relax the fear center of your brain (it can put your brain in the same state as meditation does), these birth affirmations are in black and white so you can color and make them truly unique to you. 

DIY Birth Affirmation Cards

They are also a good way to get other family members involved in the preparation process (especially if you have any older children). They can help you color in the affirmations (my daughter helped me color some of the ones pictured), write special notes on them, etc. It can help them feel like they are providing some emotional support even though they might not be present in the room with you. Not to mention, they look really beautiful in the background of birth photos 😉 

The download includes fourteen ready-to-color birth affirmations (each page has (2) cards on it for a total of 7 pages). Print them out on cardstock, cut them out, and either punch holes in the corners of each and string them up to create a banner or tape them on walls individually throughout your birth space. 

The birth affirmations included are:

  1. Ride the Wave
  2. I Trust My Body. I Trust My Baby.
  3. I am Empowered.
  4. Every Contraction Brings Me Closer to You.
  5. My Baby Knows When and How to be Birthed.
  6. I Am Strong. I Am Confident. I Am Supported. I Am Prepared.
  7. I Was Made for This.
  8. I Am the Only One Who Can Bring This Baby Into the World.
  9. I Am of Sound Mind and Body. I Am Ready to Give Birth.
  10. Mind Over Matter.
  11. I Surrender and Allow.
  12. Each Wave Brings Me Closer to My Baby.
  13. Women Around the World are Birthing With Me.
  14. I Trust All Will Unfold the Way it is Intended to Be.

You can download the affirmations by filling out the form below and they will be sent directly to your inbox. Feel free to share the link with your pregnant friends!

What’s your favorite birth affirmation? Did you use affirmation cards in your birth? Let me know in the comments below.


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