Types Of Newborn Photography

We are all well aware that this first period of your little one’s life goes by pretty fast. This is why, as parents, you’d want to create some lifelong memories with your newborn. And is there a better way to achieve this than by creating a bunch of cute photographs?

Although when we say “newborn photo session,” people always seem to paint a picture of a tiny baby wrapped in a soft material, but that’s just one of the many types of newborn photography styles. Today, I am here to tell you about the most popular types of newborn photography – posed, lifestyle and documentary, so that you can choose the style that suits you the most.

Posed Photography in a Studio Setting

Studio newborn example by Siobhan Fisher Photography
Photo by Siobhan Fisher Photography

More often than not, posed newborn photography is done in a studio, usually while your baby is asleep. This is why you should choose to do this kind of session during the first three weeks after your baby is born, because this is the period in which they sleep quite a lot.

Studio newborn example by Lulu Belle Photography
Photo by Lulu Belle Photography

The posed type is meant to capture the fleeting nature of this period of your and your newborn’s life. A highly skilled photographer will guide you through the whole process, so you should expect the perfect newborn photos! They will take extra care to position your baby safely and precisely, and often employ new ideas for newborn photography to add a personalized touch.

With posed newborn photography it is important to note newborn photographers should have completed safety training. Be sure to ask them if they have any formal training.

Lifestyle Photography in a Home Setting

Photos by Jessica LK Photography

Lifestyle is often regarded as the perfect balance between posed and documentary types of newborn photography. It is a style that aims to capture the positive moments and emotions related to real life, so parents can remember this period as the sweetest one.

A professional photographer will choose the best setting and lighting so that you and your spouse, or the whole family, can be seated – posing with the infant. They can also offer posed newborn photography in your home if that is something you desire however, these newborn photography sessions often do not use props or difficult posing. It is the best choice for those who want to feel natural during the session – without receiving many directions. 

The main goal of this in-home newborn photography style is to capture connections in a comfortable setting.

Documentary Photography

The first weeks of your life with a newborn are a mix of joy, chaos, smiling, and tears. In fact, the newborn stage is somehow the most rushed and chaotic, but once it passes, we inevitably miss it. It feels like a blur, and we struggle to remember all of those precious moments: first baths, breastfeeding, genuine sibling connection, etc. The documentary type of photography is meant to capture all of this as it is – without having to mask what reality looks like.

Often referred to as real-life or candid style, these types of photography can take place in your home, hospital, or even outdoors. It is a style that captures how a moment looks and feels. It is a candid way of portraying all those memories with all of their emotional value. The main goal of this newborn photography style is to capture emotions and connections rather than create the most picture-perfect shots.

I hope you now have a clear picture of what the most popular types of newborn photography are, so that you’ll be able to choose a style and newborn photographer that will suit you and your family the most. If you’re interested in booking a photoshoot, feel free to contact me. We can meet for a coffee and spend time getting to know one another!


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