Lulu Belle Photography Promo Video

Newborn Photographer wraps baby in wrap to prepare for a photo session
Not long ago, Trish and I started talking about putting together a newborn promo video to show clients what it’s like to work with her. By now, I’m sure you know I am all about storytelling, whether it is through pictures or video, so I was more than happy to jump at the chance to tell her brand’s story.

When I went to her studio a few weeks ago, I was able to video her in action with the sweetest little girl. Trish was warm and tender. Watching her work, you could see why any baby would instantly feel safe with her. As I’m sure you could see from the video, she is apparently covered in sleepy dust and literally has a magic touch. (I just wish I could have stolen some magic sleepy dust to bring back home to my kids, but I digress ☹)

In case you haven’t seen her work, know that her newborn portraiture is incredible.

Her work has a very soft, simple, earthy feel which will transcend time. This video

was really a labor of love for the both of us and I am so excited for how it turned

out. You can view the finished video below.

Thank you, Trish. It was so fun to work with you ❤

You can check out some of Trish’s work here: www.lulubellephotography.net


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