It’s beautiful. It has numerous benefits. It’s natural.

Those are just a few of the phrases we hear when the topic of breastfeeding arises. Baby is born, baby breastfeeds, mom and baby are happy. That is the story we are told time and time again. Many moms believe wholeheartedly in this narrative, but unfortunately are quick to discover their story differs greatly.

Breastfeeding, though natural, is hard.

The Reality of Breastfeeding (working title), will explore the breastfeeding journeys of various mothers in the Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. This is their journey, not mine. As such, the narrative is led by these mothers, in their own words.

The goal of this project is to portray the real beauty of breastfeeding along with any struggles that can accompany it. For the final piece, my intention is to have each photograph accompanied by quotes from each mom about their experience.